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Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Spider Rental

YEAR 1974

Introduced in 1969 at the Turin Motor Show, the second series of the Duetto is characterized by its “cut-off tail,” in accordance with the aerodynamic theories advocated by Professor Kamm. This design feature creates a greater forward thrust due to the sudden separation of air vortices caused by the truncated tail, resulting in increased advancement.

Consequently, the bumpers were modified to stainless steel with rubber profile protection. The headlight covers remained standard on the 1750 and later on the 2000 until around 1980, but they were never adopted for the 1300/1600 Junior models. Additionally, the windshield was tilted at a greater angle, benefiting both the design and aerodynamics.

Starting from 1972, the lineup saw the return of the 1600cc engine (AR536 engine as an option, as seen on the GT models), with the Spider Junior 1.3 and 1.6 versions unified in terms of equipment, except for the Hellebore wooden steering wheel provided on the 1.6.

In 1977, the 1.3 version was no longer available, and until 1979, only the 1600 Junior version, along with the 2000, was sold. The 1600 Junior received some updates introduced on the 2000 by the end of ’78.

  • Alfa Romeo Junior 1300 Spider (cut-off tail)
  • Displacement: 1290cc
  • Power: 89 horsepower.

Minimum rental from 290 EURO

Full day rental from 390 EURO

Included services:

  • Vintage car rental without driver
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Insurance coverage (civil liability)
  • Pick up at 9:00 am and drop off at 7:00 pm. Each half hour delay 20.00 Euro
  • 150 km are included in the rental, 1.00 Euro for each extra km
  • Road maps of the area are provided in each vehicle
  • VAT included in the price
  • Pick up and Drop off at our office Abbadia Lariana



  • 5 years of driving license and credit card as guarantee.


Services not included:

  • Any damage caused by the renter

  • Fuel consumption (the car is delivered with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank)

  • Kasko insurance,  available at an extra cost of 50.00 Euro per day, a deductible of the damage with a minimum overdraft of 400.00 Euro

  • Possible tolls and fines

  • Delivery and pickup on estimate