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Fiat 1500 cabriolet Rental

YEAR 1966

The Fiat Coupé and Cabriolet, designed by Pininfarina, are sports cars produced by Fiat between 1959 and 1966, derived from the 1200 Granluce Trasformabile.
In the second half of the 1950s, the Turin-based company decided to create a more elegant and European-style spider using the mechanics and platform of the 1200 Trasformabile. The refined (and very classic) bodywork designed by Pininfarina covered an unchanged mechanical setup (except for a slight increase in power to 59hp from the 1221cc 4-cylinder engine). Despite being officially named 1200 Cabriolet, the new car (launched in 1959) was a true 2-seater spider.
By the end of the same year, the 1.2-liter engine version was joined by the more powerful 1500 S Cabriolet, powered by a twin-cam Osca engine with a displacement of 1491cc and capable of producing 80 hp, directly derived from the Osca MT4 engine. The 1500 S, distinguishable by the new grille that resembled that of the 1200, also featured front disc brakes.

Some 1500 S models were directly assembled in the OSCA workshops and were visually distinguishable by additional aerodynamic appendages that made them more aggressive in appearance. Most importantly, these cars had 20 more horsepower than their Fiat-produced counterparts. These special editions are still highly sought after because they are very rare.
In 1963, coinciding with the launch of the Fiat 1500 Berlina, the 1200 Cabriolet adopted the 1481cc engine with 72 hp, becoming the 1500 Cabriolet. The mechanics, enriched with front disc brakes, remained a separate unit, the same as the previous 1200. Alongside the new 1500, the more powerful 1600 S was available, both as a spider and, for the first time, as a coupe. It was powered by an enlarged 1568cc (90 hp) version of the Osca engine, equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels and distinguishable by an air intake on the left side of the engine hood, corresponding to the carburetors.

In September 1963, the front end of both cars received a new look: the dynamic air intake on the hood disappeared, the engine was slightly lowered on the chassis to allow for a “flat” hood, and a more modern full-width horizontal front grille was adopted (the 1600S version also added two smaller-diameter spotlights, although the main headlights retained both high and low beams). The front bumper lost the two vertical “banana” features and was replaced by two ogival protrusions similar to those on the contemporary 1300-1500 sedan. The transmission on this version initially had 4 gears, but in early 1964, it was finally upgraded to a more enjoyable 5-speed gearbox. In 1966, this car was replaced by the 124 Spider.

Minimum rental from 290 Euro

Full day rental from 390 Euro

Included services:

  • Vintage car rental without driver
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Insurance coverage (civil liability)
  • Pick up at 9:00 am and drop off at 7:00 pm. Each half hour delay 20.00 Euro
  • 150 km are included in the rental, 1.00 Euro for each extra km
  • Road maps of the area are provided in each vehicle
  • VAT included in the price
  • Pick up and Drop off at our office Abbadia Lariana



  • 5 years of driving license and credit card as guarantee.


Services not included:

  • Any damage caused by the renter

  • Fuel consumption (the car is delivered with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank)

  • Kasko insurance, available at an extra cost of 50.00 Euro per day, a deductible of the damage with a minimum overdraft of 400.00 Euro

  • Possible tolls and fines

  • Delivery and pickup on estimate